Brewing can be


Brew any type of beer at a push of a button

The world’s most advanced, fully automated beer brewing device

  • Fully automated brewing process
  • 20 liters brewing capacity
  • Automatic water inlet, cooling and cleaning
Grill beer

Brew any type of beer

Fascinate your friends with a special summer IPA beer or with a strong Belgian stout!
With the Brewie+ there are no limitations, you can brew literally any type of beer.


Sous vide

Make the moment perfect with slow-cooked meat. The precise temperature control for perfect meal.



Brew your pilot batches in a fully controlled environment for consistent quality

How it works.

See for yourself how easy it is to brew your own beer with the Brewie+

Total Control

  • Unlimited mash steps
  • Smart sparging
  • Anti boil over algorithm
  • Intelligent rolling boil
  • Customizable hopping
  • Automatic cooling
  • Sanitizing program
  • Mobile App

Professionals users

Craft breweries prototyping their beer by using the Brewie+

Reach Outstanding Efficiency

Check out this video to master your brewing techniques and get the most out of your grain bill

Total Control

Brewie+ gives you the freedom you always wanted. Control every element of your machine

Remote control

Monitor your

More than satisfied customers

We needed a compact system that is easy to handle, and can make us a constant high quality beer in experimental amounts. After these it was clear we have to choose the Brewie+.
Mátyás Csörgics
Pub owner, Budapest
First brewing with my new Brewie+ it's really an amazing machine.
Patrick Pilote
The MandIPA. A refreshing mandarin IPA for a hot summers day. Maris Otter, Melanoiden & Vienna malts. Hopped with Columbus & Amarillo. Whirlpool mandarin segments after the boil and double dry hop with Amarillo. 6.2% ABV. Love the Brewie
David Wasik

Technical specification


230V / 120VAC


73.7 x 33.8 x 46.7 cm / 29 x 13.3 x 18.4 inch


29 kg / 64 pounds


27 liters / 7,13 gallons


10-20 litres / 2.64-5.28 gallons


1800 Watts

Brewing equipments

  • 4 Automatic Hop Additions
  • Water Level Sensor
  • Long-Lasting (20,000 hours) Pumps
  • Stainless Steel Containers
  • Water-to-Water Heat Exchangers
  • Current Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Solid State Relay control
  • Motorized Valves

Digital equipments

  • Built in WiFi b/g/n
  • Android, iOS applications
  • 4.3" sensitive color LCD touch display
  • ARM processor
  • USB connector

Become a Beer Explorer!

No matter how you brew, this is the place for you


Most frequent questions and answers

Efficiency is affected by a lot of factors. The technique you use, the ingredients, the recipe, the water, the temperatures etc. are all have a direct effect on your efficiency. With the Brewie+ the general efficiency is 65%+, but you can achieve well above 80% efficiency as well. In the HQ we brew with 75-90% efficiency. You can check out our tips how you can achieve high efficiency:

You can brew between 10-20 liters of beer on the Brewie+. Most of our users brew the standard 20 liters as containers, kegs and beer kits are mostly made for that amount. Need more capacity? No problem, we have many users who have several machines that they use simultaneously. In case you have questions about brewing on more than one machine at the same time you are welcome to contact us at

Our headquarter is currently in Budapest. As of now, Brewie+ and accessories are available in Australia, Canada, the European Union, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Shipping is also possible to other countries, in cases of special requests – for more information, contact us at!

Shipping can take from 2-14 business days. Based on your location shipping time can vary greatly. If you want specific info about your location please feel free to contact us!

Yes, of course! Brewie is an open system and is fully customizable. You can use your own ingredients and you can create your own recipe. The limit is only your imagination!

The Brewie+ follows and covers all the steps of traditional beer brewing including: step-like mashing (unlimited steps), sparging, boiling (anti-foam algorithm), customizable hopping, cooling and even cleaning. The Brewie+ is currently the only machine on the market that covers all the steps of beer brewing, making it the world’s first fully automated beer brewing machine.

Good question, best is to fix that quickly by visiting the shop:

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