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About us

The ever evolving world of beer, and the tastes of beer lovers is demanding richer flavours, more variety and better quality beer. That’s exactly what we would like to provide you with at Brewie. Born in 2014, Brewie was dreamed up and created by three friends and dedicated beer-enthusiasts out of appreciation and admiration for the world’s most popular adult beverage – beer. At Brewie we strive to simplify brewing and bring it home to everybody, to elevate the experience of creating your own beer, to engage amateurs and inspire professional brewers to create new recipes all around the world. We believe that dedication combined with a modern, slick design, and a creative use of technology can make a once-upon-a-time complicated process more reachable, and the products more fun. DIY brewing is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world, and we at Brewie would like to be part of this experience by bringing people together, and building a truly global brewing community.

Who we are?

We are engineers, economists, nerds, creative minds and beer lovers who wanted to make brewing more convenient, precise and less time consuming. We are all experts in our field and always striving to learn something new. We love beer, we love brewing and we want share the joy of making your own beer with as many fellow beer lover as possible. We believe there is a beer for everyone that he or she will like. Don’t like beer? Come by and we prove you that there is a beer that you will love!

What is the Brewie+ machine and what are our other products?

Brewie+ is the most advanced brewing machine, with it you can brew thousands and thousands of different recipes while the entire brewing process is fully automated.
It grants an easy, user friendly interface and its inner cleaning programs helps you tidying up your home brewery without effort. The machine takes care of the whole brewing process saving you time and money plus it’s environmentally friendly.
It makes brewing easier and lets you focus on the fun part of your own beer.
Besides the machine, we have 16+ different (and still counting) pre-assembled Brewie Pads that are ready-to-brew packages including all the ingredients you need to brew your very own craft beer.
We also have accessories in our webshop like Party Kegs, Brewie Bags, Brewie Carry Bag and the Starter Kit.

Our purpose

Our basic purpose is to make everyone enable to enjoy their own premium craft beer.
Brewie is perfect for both amateurs and experts. Amateurs can finally brew their own beer without having to go deep into the craft and science of brewing. For beginners, Brewie makes it easy to start home-brewing.
They can order a Brewie Pad with the ingredients, press the start button, and let Brewie do the rest. At the same time, Brewie allows more advanced home-brewers to experiment with 23 parameters like water amount, time, and temperature.
Experts can discover the wide range of brewing possibilities, fine-tune their favorite recipes, and create new and original kinds of beer.
That’s how we want to take brewing your very own perfect beer to the next level.

Where are we shipping?

Our headquarter is currently in Budapest. As of now, Brewie+ and accessories are available in Australia, Canada, the European Union, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Shipping is also possible to other countries, in cases of special requests – for more information, contact us!

Our Story


Our three co-founders are long time friends who used to brew beer in their home but were lazy and creative at the same time so they came up with the idea of how to avoid all the hassle part of beer brewing and keep the fun part of it.​


In 2014 Marcel Pal, Andrew Tel and Gergő Schlotter launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo which became one of the TOP100 Most Funded Technology Projects on Indiegogo.​


The team finalized development of the Brewie Original and started design for manufacturing overseas. It has received several awards and were published in some of the world's biggest media outlets.​


The company started production in Taiwan and shipped the first units to the customers at the end of the year. At the same time Brewie participated in two of the world's biggest trade fairs: the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and IFA in Berlin.


The company shipped over 1000+ Brewie Originals to customers all over the world. The company also received external funding to further develop the Brewie Original and scale up production.


The company presented its new-generation product, the Brewie+ which is manufactured in China following the highest quality standards. The Brewie+ is currently one of the most popular brewing devices in the world.​

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